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2021-5-12  LEE Filters US COVID-19 Visitor Attestation LEE Filters Worldwide: Central Way, Walworth Business Park, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5AN, UK • LEE Filters USA & Latin America: 2237 North Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505, USA

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2020-9-16  Selection of Lee filters, Holders, pouches, Grads, lens hood, adaptors ( Hass60, R6, 67mm, 58mm, 86mm).

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2021-5-12  Some filters, by their nature need to be manufactured in glass Stoppers, Polarisers, ProGlass Neutral Density Standards and some Soft Focus and are available as 100mm glass filters to fit the standard LEE100 system.

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2021-1-15  Selection of Lee filters, holders and rings. Good condition. Condition is "Used". All of it is in good condition. • 2 x filter holders with brackets. The selection comprises -. • A. 45 neutral density soft graduated filter 100mm x 150mm and pouch.

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2021-1-12  See original listing. Selection of Lee photography filters. Photos not available for this variation. Condition: Used. Ended: 11 Jan, 2021 16:08:21 GMT. Price: £29.50.

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Lee Gels Sheet #036 Medium Pink. Front of house lanterns (Transmission= 45.4 %) 21" x 24". Lee Gels can be used to create a wide variety of effects. These sheets come 21"x24" and by the roll. Rosco #36, Rosco E-Color #36

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2020-3-11  Lee Filters Gel Colours 002 002 Rose Pink Strong pink wash, good for cycloramas. 003 003 Lavender Tint Subtle cool wash for stage and studio lighting. 004 * 004 Medium Bastard Amber Naturally enhances skin tones. 007 * 007 Pale Yellow Sunlight. 008 * 008 Dark Salmon Enhances dark skin tones, sunsets, ballroom sets. 009 * 009 Pale Amber Gold

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SELEE® Filters for Primary Copper Reduced Break Frequency : Casting filtered metal has proven to reduce wire and rod breakage by up to 35%. Reduced Incidence of Nozzle Blockage : Using filters in launder and/or tundish removes inclusion material,

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2018-10-24  Selects all objects on thawed layers. Example: (ssget "_A" ' ( (0 . "LINE"))) Selects all lines residing on thawed layers in the drawing. This mode string cannot be combined with graphical selection mode strings. B. Box [automated] [undocumented] Selects all objects inside or crossing a rectangle specified by two points.

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2010-3-13  1 st November 2015. I have added a new program to the site: Chain Length will allow the user to calculate the total object length between two points along a chain of connected objects. Be sure to also check out my related Chain Selection program, which allows the user to automatically select all connected objects following selection of a single object in the chain.